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Upcoming Retreats and Workshops:

19-21 June, 2020

Stillpoint at Beckside Spirituality Center

Bellingham, WA

Listening to a New Voice: Opening into Spiritual Discernment

A Retreat for Spiritual Seekers

“And there was a new voice

which you slowly recognize as your own.”

With these words from her poem “The Journey,” Mary Oliver names the heart of spiritual discernment: the coming to consciousness of that authentic voice which rises as we come to know ourselves as participating in the life of the Holy.

 In this retreat of offering ourselves to the Holy as a pilgrim community of faith, we will look together at the kinds of discernment which open before us. What are those things which are helpful in knowing what is actually of God and not just our own projections, and the ways in which we sabotage our own discernment?

People will learn tools to help each come to their own authentic wisdom. Through stories, poetry, conversations in safe community, art, silence, and movement, we will open together to the invitations which permeate our spiritual journeys.

We will draw from the gathered wisdom of those in our midst and lean into what has been mutually real, authentic, and holy. All spiritual seekers are invited to experience this retreat regardless of where you are in the life of your spirit.

Fee: $175.00 for retreat (limited number of partial scholarships available, inquire when registering.)

Contact: Linda Conroy,; 360 733 9414

Sept 17-20, 2020

Rock Point Center

20 Rock Point Road

Burlington, VT


Discernment in Times of Inner Wilderness:

A Retreat for a Changing World

When the foundations of Earth, life, and faith shift beneath our feet and we find ourselves unsteady, we have fallen into wilderness. Many experience these times when our old trusted anchors are no longer holding. Our political systems are paralyzed by polarity, our churches stand largely empty, our planet is under siege, and it is hard to know where to place our hope. 

This is a retreat which invites us into the heart of that kind of wilderness and to find where in ourselves, in our communities, and families we can stand solidly, making a difference as we do so. It is the way out of fear, out of paralysis. Through poetry, movement, arts, silence, and deep engagement we form safe, temporary community as we explore together what it means to live by faith, to live in hope, and to serve our world in meaningful ways.

The retreat will hold a rhythm of coming together and going apart, of coming inward and going outward, of speaking and deep listening. We will create rituals for healing ourselves of fear and establish spiritual practices to keep us grounded in changing times. All are welcome, whatever your journey looks like.

Registration information will be forthcoming.

Nov. 20-21 2020  

Bosque Center

Albuquerque, NM

Retreat for the Women of the Diocese of the Rio Grande

Further information will be forthcoming later in the year.

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