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I live with my husband and two dogs on 32 acres of wilderness property in a remote part of western central New Mexico. There we have a house just outside the village of Datil at almost 8000 feet elevation, from which we offer hospitality in an off-the-grid yurt through Airbnb. We have received guests from all over the world who grace us with their presence, their stories, and their enthusiasm for the land they discover here. They often join us at the house for breakfast, and we have been known to remain almost through lunch time in vigorous conversation.


In the weaving studio


Yurt with Ladybug, the 3-legged Cocker Spaniel

People can come and just stay in the yurt while they explore the area, or read, write, paint, hike, or just sit in stunned silence watching the light move westward across the San Augustin Plains. 


People can also contact me and arrange for a stay at the yurt which includes several sessions of spiritual direction and/or a guided personal retreat. There is an additional charge of $50 per session for spiritual direction with this option.


Or people can stay at the yurt and spend the day at our home at my weaving studio, giving themselves the treat of weaving at an already prepared loom. They get to keep whatever they weave! I ask an additional $50 a day for this option to cover the price of yarn and my time preparing the loom.

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Our home just uphill from the yurt

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